Someone has made a legit music video on GTA and it’s way better than it has any right to be

By on August 11, 2018

DJ Solomun has been transformed into an in-game Grand Theft Autocharacter for his new EP Customer is King

From Sia to the Carters, the age of excellent modern music videos is still going strong. But could simulation technology be about to shake up the music video game?

If this latest video from DJ Solomun is anything to go by then maybe… just maybe.

Shot entirely in GTA V, Solomun has been transformed into an in-game character using custom motion-capture and animation technology for his new EP Customer is King.

The video, part of an ongoing collaboration between Solomun and Rockstar Games, shows the DJ running around town taking in the iconic landscapes of Los Santos as he completes a number of high-stakes tasks – all while trying to not get shot or thrown off a bridge.

Solomun is the resident DJ in Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours

“Rockstar Games have a long history with dance music and we were really excited to collaborate with them on the GTA Online: After Hours update,” 42-year-old Solomun, the resident DJ in Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours, told EW.

“We always had a very special video idea for the 100th release of Diynamic which reflects the odd title: Customer Is King. And so it all came together that we could share this music video idea with the most amazing partner you can imagine: Rockstar Games. It’s surreal to not just be a DJ in that world, but to be a character with my own story.”

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