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  • Why Is It Called the Raspberry Pi?

    You’ve probably heard of the Raspberry Pi—a series of low-cost computers popular with hobbyists. But why is it called that, and does it have anything to do with food? We’ll explore the history behind the name. It’s...

    • Posted February 23, 2022
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  • The Best Wireless Chargers of 2022

    Pros ✓ Fast charging for Apple, Samsung, and Google phones ✓ Power adapter included in the package ✓ Two coils to support landscape and portrait orientations Cons ✗ Non-standard connector for power ✗ It doesn’t fold flat...

    • Posted February 22, 2022
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  • Consider a Retro PC Build for a Fun Nostalgic Project

    Though projects like DOSBox and a surge in remasters can help satisfy your nostalgia for games from your childhood, many titles remain unplayable on modern systems. A fun and affordable solution is to build your own retro...

    • Posted February 5, 2022
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  • How to Find the Right Gaming Mouse DPI

    pozitivo/ What is the ideal DPI? This is a common question raised by FPS gamers. In fact, there is no standard DPI for players, and the ideal DPI for you is the one that you’re most comfortable...

    • Posted August 15, 2021
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  • Why Autonomous Data Centers Are Inevitable

    If you want to predict developments in the IT industry, it might be worth taking a look at long-established industry fields. I’m referring to mechanical engineering — after all, I studied that together with electrical engineering and...

    • Posted August 4, 2021
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  • Techsplained: An Integrated Ecosystem for Your Devices

    In part 3 of the Techsplained series, we look at our strategy for connecting all your primary devices. This strategy recognizes one key truth: people just want their devices to work whoever the vendor is. Watch more:...

    • Posted July 26, 2021
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  • Why Do Mice Have Scroll Wheels? Microsoft Intellimouse Turns 25

    The original 1996 Microsoft Intellimouse. Benj Edwards Notably, the Intellimouse wheel also functioned as a third mouse button that clicked when pushed down, which added more possibilities as to how it could be used. The first Intellimouse...

    • Posted July 22, 2021
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  • What Is the Steam Deck, and Should You Buy One?

    Valve The Steam Deck is a handheld gaming PC created by Valve. Picture a Nintendo Switch with standard PC hardware running standard PC games and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect. The Steam...

    • Posted July 15, 2021
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