Intel Is Dropping the “I” With 14th Gen CPUs

By on June 15, 2023

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Intel has been slowly undergoing a big rebrand over the last couple of generations. First, it discontinued the classic Pentium and Celeron brands. Now, the company is dropping the “i” branding from its mainstream processors and introducing a new line of Core chips.

Intel is replacing its classic Core i branding, which has been in place since 2008 — a whopping 15 years, making it one of Intel’s longest-living brands. Instead, Intel is just going with “Core” with no i. What used to be the Core i3 will now be the Core 3, the Core i5 is now the Core 5, the Core i7 is now the Core 7, and so on.

In a way, you could say Intel is making the branding for its processors more like what AMD is doing with its Ryzen chips… except for one small thing. Intel is also doing “Core Ultra” alongside regular Core chips. How the company is planning to divide this exactly remains to be seen whenever the first 14th gen chips drop later this year, but Ultra will be the branding for Intel’s higher performance chips. So what used to be the Core i9, you can now expect it to be branded as the Core Ultra 9 instead.

We should know more about this new branding once the new chips, codenamed Meteor Lake, roll around in a few months.

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