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  • When Are Integrated Graphics Good Enough on a PC?

    Pryimak Anastasiia/ Anybody looking for serious graphics power needs to have a graphics card from AMD, NVIDIA, or (someday soon) Intel. Not everyone wants that kind of power, however, especially when it comes at a price tag...

    • Posted December 22, 2020
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  • How to Expand Your Xbox Series X|S Storage

    Microsoft The Xbox Series X comes with a 1TB internal drive, while the Series S includes a modest 500GB instead. After downloading a few games, you might find your console is already low on space. Here are...

    • Posted November 24, 2020
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  • Do You Need a High Refresh Rate Monitor for Office Work?

    neonnextor/Shutterstock High refresh rate monitors have traditionally been aimed at gamers, but they have a broader appeal. Device manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have started including displays with high refresh rates in their tablets and phones. So,...

    • Posted May 14, 2020
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  • These “Gamer” PC Products Are Great for Office Work

    Ekkaphan Chimpalee/Shutterstock Brands often slap a “gaming” label on products to charge extra for their supposed performance benefits. Skepticism aside, some gamer-focused products can deliver a genuinely superior experience that’s worth paying for. Gamers aren’t the only...

    • Posted May 11, 2020
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  • How to Use a Digital Camera as a Webcam

    Chaay_Tee/Shutterstock Good webcams can be hard to find. Fortunately, you can use many digital cameras as makeshift webcams. If you have a high-end mirrorless or DSLR camera, you’ll even get a big boost in video quality for your...

    • Posted April 27, 2020
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  • What Is a Headless Server?

    Arjuna Kodisinghe/ A headless server is a computer without a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals. Headless computers are normally controlled over the network. For example, picture the computers sitting on racks in data centers while powering...

    • Posted April 9, 2020
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  • How Long Can Coronavirus Live on a Smartphone?

    Alina Troeva/ Smartphones are germ magnets at the best of times. With the spread of the novel coronavirus, they’re a potential vector for infection. The virus can potentially live on your phone’s screen for days. Up to...

    • Posted March 27, 2020
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  • NOKIA 7.1 con ANDROID 9 PIE un altro buon medio gamma | #recensione


    • Posted March 20, 2020
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  • How to Safely Clean Your Nasty Game Controllers

    Roobcio/Shutterstock Game controllers are magnets for dirt and grime. It doesn’t matter if you take really good care of your pads, they’ll eventually need a deep clean to remove skin, debris, and bacteria. Here’s how to do...

    • Posted March 17, 2020
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  • Google’s Futuristic In-Air Gesture Control System Could Replace Buttons

    Google was recently awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) covering its invention of an air-, motion- and radar-based gesture control system which could one day find its way into everything from computers,...

    • Posted January 30, 2019
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