Dell XPS 15 2-In-1 Teardown Exposes Massive Battery, Upgradable SSD

By on April 26, 2018

Dell’s XPS 15 2-In-1 is a unique hybrid convertible, premium ultrabook in a couple of respects, partly because of its high quality Dell XPS series machined aluminum and hybrid carbon fiber construction, along with its beautiful 15-inch, 400 nits, near bezel-less Dell Infinity Edge display. However, the machine is also powered by a unique processor that marks the first collaboration of its kind by two archrivals in the PC processor arena, both Intel and AMD. Otherwise known as Kaby Lake G, the new Intel 8th Gen Core Series with integrated AMD Radeon RX Vega M graphics is a potent hybrid chip that offers discrete graphics horsepower and 4GB of HMB2 memory, coupled with Intel quad-core 8th Gen processor technology, all on a single integrated chip package.

Under The Hood Of Dell’s XPS 15 2-In-1 With Its Monster 75 Whr Battery

And with that innovative new processor platform, Dell designed a similarly innovative cooling solution for it, in order to maintain performance over time and under load. It’s only part of the story of the intricate workings inside the XPS 15 2-In-1, actually, and some of you wanted to see under the hood of the machine, so we thought we’d honor these requests with at least a partial teardown of this new hybrid convertible.  Here you can see what’s upgradable and user-serviceable, and what’s not as well.

So there you have it. The Dell XPS 15 2-In-1 (our full review, you really should check it out) is a really well-built machine inside as well as externally, though there’s only so much you can service as an end user, in terms of its internal components. Since system RAM (16 GB of DDR4 in our model’s config) is soldered to the board, you’ll do best going with a healthier configuration of it, for a bit more future-proofing.



However, you can upgrade this system’s SSD fairly easily and also keep the cooling system clean as well. In addition, should the XPS 15 2-In-1’s battery get a little pokey over time, it appears you can fairly easily gain access to that as well, for a swap-out further down the road, if need be.

Dell’s XPS 15 2-In-1 NVMe SSD – By Toshiba

And that about wraps it up for our quick little XPS 15 2-In-1 teardown tour. Fire away in the comments below if you have questions or further requests.


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