Fortnite Season 7: Creative mode confirmed by Epic following leak

By on December 23, 2018

Developer Epic Games confirmed the existence of the mode on its official site, saying that Fortnite Creative will initially be available for buyers of the Season 7 Battle Pass when it releases tomorrow 6 December. Epic said that the mode will be available to all Fortnite players from 13 December.

The mode was originally leaked in a detailed fifteen minute video by the 9 million subscribed YouTuber Lachlan, who was invited to Epic Games to play Fortnite Creative ahead of its announcement. The video was initially removed from his YouTube channel, but was reinstated following the official announcement.

Fortnite Creative is much like a vastly expanded version of Fortnite Battle Royale’s Playground mode, which allows players to play around on the game’s island without the pressure of the last-player-standing combat.

You can freely fly around the map as you build, with your options ranging from ground tiles, world assets such as cars and platforms and pre-fabricated structures based on areas familiar to Fortnite fans such as Dusty Depot and Retail Row. Your builds are only limited by the memory bar which fills as you add creations to the map.

As well as building your own structures and terrain, Fortnite Creative will allow you to create a range of your own games. A menu options let you set options from simple deathmatches on maps of your own creation to elaborate Goldberg-esque contraptions. A host of props are available to aid in your creations, such as timers and scoreboards.

Once created you can save your map onto a server and invite friends in to play on your creations. Also much like Minecraft, the hub as you start up Fortnite Creative will feature builds created by developer Epic and particular highlights from the community.

Fortnite Creative is a natural extension for players that want enjoy the style and building elements of Fortnite with a sense of freedom, or those that fancy a change from the intensity of the Battle Royale mode.

Either way, Fortnite Creative looks set to only extend Fortnite’s popularity. Epic recently announced that the game had passed 200 million registered users. With the release of Fortnite Creative and the winter-themed Season 7, that number looks set to grow even further.

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